Kindly follow the Instructions given below

  1. Candidate who seeks registration should possess at least 2 years of experience in relevant to his / her main educational qualification.
  2. Must have completed 21 years.
  3. Must have a valid passport / Experience Certificate
  4. May register online or offline.
  5. For Offline registration one should visit personally to the Chennai head office.
  6. The registration is valid for 48 calendar months.
  7. Mere registration does not guarantee any job offer however registered candidates only be sponsored based on their merit.
  8. Applicable Charges for Registration for Experienced Canditates

    Category Registration Fee @ 18% GST

    A) Unskilled workers, Semiskilled workers, Skilled workers


    B) Diploma Holders under Graduates(Arts/Science/Mathematics)


    C) Staff Nurses and other Paramedical Personnel and Professional/ Post Graduates


    D) MBBS Doctors/Post Graduates(Specialist and Consultant Doctors)


Renewal Information

The registration is valid for Forty Eight months. If the registrant wishes to continue his/her registration beyond 48 month he/she must renew the registration at the end of 48th month. The renewal fee will be Rs.120/-.

Please Note: (Renewal could not be done after 48th month. Fresh registration may be done)

Offline Renewal Procedure

Offline renewal also be done by paying applicable renewal charges, by taking Demand Draft in favour of OVERSEAS MANPOWER CORPORATION LTD, Chennai-32. For offline renewal the registrant should quote his / her registration number as reference and send alongwith Demand Draft by registered post.

Saudi Cultural Attestation ( SACA) is mandatory for Doctors and Staff nurses who have been selected for Ministry of Health and Private Hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Documents required for this process:
    a) Offer Letter
    b) Passport
    c) Degree / Diploma Certificate
    d) Affidavit to be prepared by the candidate
  2. The colour xerox copies of documents should be uploaded.
  3. After the completion of uploading the documents a SACA reference number will be generated automatically for each candidate.
  4. Verification report for the Genuineness of the certificate has to be applied to the respective universities for each candidate with the SACA reference Number and Demand Draft.
  5. On receipt of Genuineness report from the respective universities, it should be uploaded in the SACA website and the above said documents will be submitted in Saudi Cultural Attach office, New Delhi.
  6. Finally the documents attested by SACA to be uploaded in the SACA website.
  7. Distance Education / Correspondence education certificates are not permitted to obtain attestation from SACA.

1. OMCL Assists to obtain insurance for ECR categories.

2. Candidates should produce copy of valid overseas company's offer letter and Copy of valid Passport.

3. This service is only offered to applicants who have been selected only by the OMCL.